Gente Joven

31 May 20 “This week in Lockdown” by the 1st Madrid Scouts                                                         

This week, the Scout group are getting excited and starting to prepare for their second virtual camp weekend with the rest of BSO (British Scouting overseas), since lock down began. The Beavers have been thinking about how they can make their den even better than last time! They played a camp ‘spot the difference’, camp ‘spot the hazards’ and learnt about what makes a good camp layout. The Cubs are continuing with their photography badge, taking lots of photos of nature and their exhibition is almost ready to launch! On Wednesday evening, all the sections were hoping to watch the first manned rocket launch from the US into space since 2011… but it was delayed until this Saturday due to bad weather. But we will be tuning in again and let’s hope it is successful second time around!

24 May 20 “This week in Lockdown”  by the 1st Madrid Scouts                                                   

This week, we didn’t have meetings, but instead we made videos for our Scout sections to watch. We made a very exciting announcement – we shall be holding our 2nd virtual camping weekend in June. It will be in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday and the Trooping of the Colour, so all the children will learn about this. We will also learn about local knowledge and places right here in Madrid. In the meantime, the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers will think about their camps they made last time and how they can improve on them. The Cubs are still working on their photography badge and are aiming to bring all of their photos together to make an exhibition. They also learnt about the history of Cubs: The section was created in 1916 and back then, they were known as wolf cubs. In 1991 girls were allowed to join and they became Cub Scouts. In 2016 they celebrated their centenary! The Beavers are still working on their personal and leader challenge badges and we continue to send them a weekly bedtime story!

Our first contribution is from the 1st Madrid Scouts based in Madrid: