Prayers and Prayer List

Prayers for individuals

Prayers for all those who have died recently as well as those who are suffering in mind body or spirit, whether from Covid-19 or not, are said at each Compline virtual service.

If you would like a name to be included please e-mail  for adding to the service and giving permission for your name, or that of someone else, to appear on this list (GDPR regulations. Only the first letters of surnames will be used unless requested otherwise).

Copy the e-mail to for inclusion here and on the pewsheet.

This week we are praying for:

  • Ana
  • Antonio M
  • Barry D
  • Cheri
  • David C
  • David P
  • Elvie
  • Elton
  • Eridge
  • Esteban
  • Fernando F-G
  • Florence & Rainer F
  • Hortensia
  • Humberto and Lucie
  • Ingrid P and Silvia
  • Janice B
  • José Luis
  • Juan F
  • Julie B
  • Marilyn T
  • Merzque A
  • Myrna V
  • Natividad
  • Ron & Jeanette C
  • Rosemary P
  • Sabrina
  • Sue
  • Tom & Andi

Requiescant In Pace:

July 2021: Paul S. Yvonne St. Clair, Chile (late Madrid)

June 2020: Jack E. Doctor Leo Y, Swindon, England and his son, Leo Y of Madrid. Carolyn W, Ditchling, England. Kevin, Corfu.

May 2020: Barbara W. Fernando P. Andrés F. Ali. Glen R.

April 2020: Emilio. Antonio. José María C. Mary. Celia P. Eduardo R. Vicente C. Osvaldo Macoretta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Marifé P.

March 2020: David B. Andrew R. Gloria. Princess María Teresa de Bourbon

February 2020: Anna Östling-Thomas

January 2020: Ginika Okechukwu, Lagos, Nigeria. Olga Martin

December 2019: Jack Collighan

November 2019: Joe Kent. Iván Santamaría

September 2019: José Manuel Gimeno

August 2019: Eleanor Alice Kempt, Joplin, Missouri, USA