Who’s who

 Ministry Team

The Ministry Team is responsible for planning and leading services as well as organising and delivering pastoral care.

The Rev Canon Dr. Medhat Sabry, Chaplain

I have been an Evangelical Anglican since childhood. The church where I grew up was a product of CMS missionary work. I was trained at Trinity College Bristol UK 1983-1986, which is known as an evangelical college. When I was first ordained, I was sent to an Anglo-Catholic church and that added another dimension to my theological traditions. Being an Anglican has helped me to widen my spirituality. Personally, I feel most at ease today with Evangelical Anglicanism, based on the Bible, butI am at ease with a wide range of traditions as well.

Biblical truth inspires me to be available to meet human needs and to point people to God and His healing hands. The spread of the Gospel is my concern, especially among nominal Christians.

Theology and spirituality are two sides of one coin. Theological understanding of God and His truth is the foundation of my spirituality. Then, comes experiencing God in all aspects of my life: where and when does He appear in what I do and say? In all of this I believe I should reflect a true image of the God whom I worship.

Deeper theological understandings of who I am and what I am called for, widened my spirituality and ability to encompass even those who are very different from me.

The Rev. Fr. Solomon Uche, Curate

My journey started when I was in Nigeria, when people told me I had vocation, different people from different backgrounds, right from when I was a youth minister.

Born in Nigeria, Solomon stayed until he was 25 when he then moved to Madrid in 2000. He has been worshipping in St George’s, Madrid for around 20 years.

In July 2022, Solomon was ordained to the priesthood and serves at St. George’s as curate.

Celia Paterson, Reader

I have lived in Spain for over forty years.  I have been a primary school teacher both in England and Spain where I have worked in bilingual schools.  I am also qualified as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language.  In my teaching career I have taught from three to seventy year olds over the years.

I started as a Godly Play teacher in 2003 and became an accredited teacher in 2007.  I am a member of the board of Godly Play España and have attended international conferences in Madrid and Germany.  I am also on the Godly Play International Council.


The Churchwardens (Celia Paterson and Adam Hill) are elected by members of the congregation to help the church run smoothly.  Together with the Chaplain and the Church Council, they are responsible for the organisation and administration of the church.

Churchwarden: Celia Paterson

Churchwarden: Adam Hill

Church Council:

Consists of;

The Ministry team (Fr. Medhat, Deacon Solomon and Reader Celia)

Chairman: Canon Fr. Medhat Sabry

Lay Vice-chair: Rainer Schmidt

Ex-oficio members: Churchwardens

Elected Members:

Council member: Melissa Pearce

Council member: Anne Albritton

Council member: Alison Eyer

Council member: Sylvie Saba

Council member: Thomas Aufdemberge

Council member: Charles Penty

Council member: Rainer Schmidt
Synod Reps: Anne Cole and Adam Hill

Church Council members are here to represent the views of the church family, so please feel free to talk to them after any service or contact the Church Office.

Other appointments:

Director of Music & Organist: Stephen Knight

Deputy Organist: Diana Davies Burr

Secretary Church Council: Charles Penty

Data Protection Officer: Anne Cole

Environmental Officer: Carol Skinner

Safeguarding Officer: Melissa Pearce safe.stgeorges@gmail.com

Electoral Roll Officer: Anne Cole

Independent Reviewer: Gerard Richley

Admin Officer: Vacancy

Church Flowers: Louise Bueno


Standing Committee: Chaplain, Wardens, Secretary and Treasurer.

Fundraising Committee: Angela Irwin, Carol Skinner

Fabric Committee: Chaplain, Wardens, Carol Skinner