Who’s who

Ministry Team

The Ministry Team is responsible for planning and leading services as well as organising and delivering pastoral care.

The Church is currently in an interregnum phase, awaiting the selection and appointment of a new permanent priest.

We are delighted that the  Diocese has worked hard to ensure we will receive the support of several highly thought of members of the clergy during this period.

 Our first locum is Suffragan Bishop Henry Scriven who was our priest here in St George’s from 1989 to 1995.

CeliaCelia Paterson, Reader

I have lived in Spain for over forty years.  I have been a primary school teacher both in England and Spain where I have worked in bilingual schools.  I am also qualified as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language.  In my teaching career I have taught from three to seventy year olds over the years.

I started as a Godly Play teacher in 2003 and became an accredited teacher in 2007.  I am a member of the board of Godly Play España and have attended international conferences in Madrid and Germany.  I am also on the Godly Play International Council.



The Churchwardens are elected by members of the congregation to help the church run smoothly.  Together with the Chaplain and the Church Council, they are responsible for the organisation and administration of the church.

                                     Rebecca Rico Irwin, Churchwarden

Baptised and brought up at St.George’s Madrid, I have recently taken on the honour of serving our tightly-knit community as Church Warden and Youth Officer. In my professional life, I studied Public Governance, Law and Business Management, but my passion for people led me to found an HR start-up.

For the past four years I have travelled the world helping companies build teams of people that love what they do. Currently living in Madrid, I’ll be happy to welcome you anytime for a cup of coffee under our fig tree!

 Anne Cole, Churchwarden

Church Council:

Reader: Celia Paterson

Vice-chair: Celia Paterson

The Church Wardens: Anne Cole, Rebecca Rico Irwin

Synod Reps: Elizabeth Pacey. Jenny Effer

Honorary Treasurer: Karen Mullins

Other elected and still serving Members: Carol Skinner, Adam Hill, Melissa Pearce

Other appointments:

Director of Music & Organist: Stephen Knight

Deputy Organist: Diana Davies Burr

Secretary Church Council: Anne Cole

Data Protection Officer: Anne Cole

Safeguarding Officer: Anne Cole

Admin Officer: Liz Mason

Church Flowers: Louise Bueno