Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings, Funerals and Commemorations


Your baby’s baptism is the first and most important step you will take as parents in the life of faith of your child.  It is important that you share this very special celebration together with the Christian family members of your local church.  That is why, at St. George’s, we have baptisms during one of our regular 10am services.  At the end of the baptism ceremony, the church family will welcome your child as one of them.  Everyone will say, “We welcome you into the fellowship of faith; we are children of the same heavenly Father; we welcome you.”

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If you would like to be prepared for Confirmation, please speak to Father Medhat and then fill in an application form.


Falling in love is a very human experience.  But when we decide to consecrate that love in Christian marriage our human love becomes a sign in the world of God’s love.  When you pledge yourselves to unconditional love for life you show what Christ’s own self-sacrificing love is like.  Yours is a love with no limits.

In Spain, marriage is normally a civil matter, but those who have married in Spain, the UK, or elsewhere may come to the Church to have their union blessed.  We encourage you to make your marriage blessing as personal an occasion as possible.  For you are the centre of what is happening.  The Church of England provides the structure of the service, but we can help you to personalise it by the careful choice of music, hymns and readings (in English and/or Spanish) to make it the perfect day.


Funerals, Memorial and Thanks Giving services

A funeral marks the close of a life on earth. It is the opportunity for family and friends to express their grief, to give thanks for the life which has now completed its journey in this world and to commend the person into God’s keeping.

Often, a memorial or thanks giving service some weeks or even months after a person has died meets a family’s needs. The Chaplain would be happy to advise about the format and content of such a service.

People of any nation, creed and faith can ask for the burial (not scattering) of ashes at the Madrid British Cemetery located at Calle Comandante Fontanes, 7, Carabanchel. Such places can be marked by a commemorative plaque on the ground.
If you are interested in this or the Madrid British Cemetery (including a visit) please contact David Butler at
Support and Management of the Madrid British Cemetery is coordinated by the British Cemeteries in Spain Foundation:


For all enquiries about how we can help you arrange a baptism, wedding, confirmation or funeral, please contact the Chaplain or the Church Office.


Would you like to commemorate events, such as weddings, or loved ones with flowers placed by the side of the altar? A note will be included in the Pew Sheet about the commemoration and the donor. Where possible, a photograph of the flowers will be taken and further details, including your photos of the event or loved ones, can be posted on our Church News page.

To order the flowers please contact Louise on +34 915 336 618 or +34 659 323 891 after 20:30.

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